Unreasonable Women is looking for masters student of design and/or technology to help us grow our understanding of technologies that capture data about human bodies and those that display data about them. These technologies might include body scanning, sensors, body models, fit genomes, holographic projections, home try-on systems, etc.

We are looking for an intern to work out of our Brooklyn, NY accelerator starting next month in an effort to explore these new technologies and comment on their maturity and applicability in current and planned workflows. This intern will be paid in course credits and will be expected to work 1-2 full days per week in addition to some occasional independent offsite work throughout the week.

 This intern will learn fundamental skills in product management that will serve a graduate well in technology product management roles, wearables development, apparel and retail design, and in a general technology start-up capacity.


·   A self-starter who takes a positive and proactive approach to problems and uses tenacity and creativity to get the answers needed to move the project forward.

·     An excellent verbal and written communicator.

·     Technically capable to get up and running on software and hardware without much assistance.

·     Some front-end and back-end development experience for prototyping

·     A person passionate about women’s empowerment and/or mission-driven companies

·     Bonus points for: applicants with experience in body scanning, projections, or retail/merchandizing.

While our mission is related to women’s empowerment, people of all genders are strongly encouraged to apply!

Interested candidates should please send a cover letter and resume to hello [at] unreasonablewomen [dot] com with the words “Technology Futures Internship” in the subject line. Good luck in your internship search!